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We'll review here those texts which are, or claim to be, about database management systems. We try to be current, but we do not always go out and buy the latest edition of every book, especially if we disliked the last edition. We try to be fair, but disclaim responsibility for any errors or omissions. This page has three sections: THE TOP 25 DBMS BOOKS, ALSO-RANS.

THE TOP 25 DBMS BOOKS. We power searched the database for database management or database design. We only want works published or revised within the last 6 years, about the whole topic. So we exclude books if they are primarily about: SQL, a particular vendor's package, data modeling, object-oriented or entity-relationship models, lecture notes, or the web. Then, to get on the "top 25" list, a book must: (1) have three good Amazon reviews OR one good non-Amazon review (for this or a similar book by the same author) OR (2) have gone through more than four editions. These are our picks, in order by average user rating:

The following books did not meet our criteria for inclusion in the "TOP DBMS BOOKS" list above. They may have merits which (perhaps unfairly) have gone unnoticed.

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