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    Read early technical reviews and table of contents for Gulutzan and Pelzer's SQL PERFORMANCE TUNING book
  • SQL-99 Complete, Really

    The standard reference book for SQL-99 (formerly known as SQL3).

    GENERAL BOOK INFO . Size 1078 pages plus about 400 on the accompanying CD-ROM.

    Introduction, General Concepts, Numbers, Bit Strings, Binary Strings, Characters, Character Strings, Temporal Values, Boolean Values, Collection Types, Row Types, Reference Types, NULLs, SQL Clusters, AuthorizationIDs, SQL Catalogs, SQL Schemas, SQL Tables and Views, SQL Domains, SQL Constraints and Assertions, SQL Character Sets, SQL Collations, SQL Translations, SQL Triggers, SQL-Invoked Routines, PSM, User-Defined Types, Introduction to SQL-Data Operations, Simple Search Conditions, Searching With Joins, Searching With Subqueries, Searching With Set Operators, Searching With Groups, Sorting Search Results, Changing SQL-Data, SQL Transactions, SQL Transaction Concurrency, SQL Sessions, Embedded SQL Binding Style, SQL/CLI Binding Style, SQL/CLI: env Functions, SQL/CLI: SQL/CLI: dbc Functions, SQL/CLI: stmt Functions, SQL/CLI Statement Functions, SQL/CLI: Cursor Functions, SQL/CLI: desc Functions, SQL/CLI Diagnostic Functions, SQL/CLI: General Functions, SQL/CLI Deferred Parameter Functions, SQL/CLI Locator Functions, SQL/CLI Catalog Functions, Module Binding Style, Style, Remote Database Access, SQL Taxonomy, Non-Portable SQL Features, Incompatibilities with SQL-92, SQL Web Sites, Glossary.

    The CD-ROM includes a sample DBMS.

    ORDERING INFO . When calling your bookstore, have the following information handy ...

    Title = "SQL-99 Complete, Really";

    Authors = "Peter Gulutzan & Trudy Pelzer";

    Year = "1999";

    Publisher = "CMP Books";

    ISBN = "0-87930-568-1"

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