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    Read early technical reviews and table of contents for Gulutzan and Pelzer's SQL PERFORMANCE TUNING book
  • Java and SQL Book Reviews

    We'll review here those texts which are, or claim to be, about SQL and Java together. We try to be current, but we do not always go out and buy the latest edition of every book, especially if we disliked the last edition. We try to be fair, but disclaim responsibility for any errors or omissions. This page has one section: THE TOP 20 JAVA AND SQL BOOKS.

    THE TOP 20 JAVA AND SQL BOOKS. We power searched the database for Java or JDBC or SQLJ or "Java and SQL". We only want works about Java and SQL together. So we exclude books if they are primarily about: SQL alone, Java alone, or the web. We include books on JDBC, SQLJ, or brand-name DBMSs. These are our picks, in order by average user rating:

    See also Sun's online JDBC documentation, and a discussion of some Java implementations.

    See also our related pages: SQL Book Reviews; ADO Book Reviews; Database Book Reviews.

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